On February 10, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recognized Sizmek’s leadership in enhancing online privacy. Among the winners of the 2019 IAB Tech Lab Service Excellence Awards at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting was Joshua Koran, Sizmek’s Managing Director, Data, who played a vital part in developing the IAB Tech Lab’s current transparency and consent framework architecture.

Joshua Koran, Sizmek’s Managing Director, Data

The IAB’s mission is to field critical research on interactive advertising, while also educating brands, agencies, and the wider business community on the importance of digital marketing. As a vital arm of the trade organization, the IAB Tech Lab develops technical standards and best practices, software, and services to drive the growth of a sustainable global digital media. Award winners like Joshua exemplify industry leadership in working toward those goals and are selected through staff recommendations and member affirmation.

Companies around the world choose to use the Tech Lab’s Content Taxonomy and OpenRTB real-time bidding protocol to categorize editorial content, provide relevant advertising, protect brand and consumer safety, and more. These standards enable media organizations and other businesses to communicate and work with each other in ways that were not possible prior to their release–benefiting consumers who receive free, ad-funded content and services as a result.

The IAB Tech Lab and IAB EU have been working to standardize how vendors can appropriately communicate the necessary notice and choice signals to consumers to comply with the important GDPR regulations.  One of the important design principles was to ensure a proper user experience communicating clearly how their data is collected, processed, and by whom, without negatively impacting their enjoyment of the internet by unduly increasing page load latency.

In addition to his work on the framework, Joshua also helped advocate for the policies around how companies should transmit consumer-to-vendor signals, necessary publisher controls, and the processing obligations of receiving companies so as to foster continued competition in the digital ecosystem.

“Sizmek is fully committed to protecting and sustaining the open web. To that end, it’s important that the transparency and consent framework not favor larger companies, but instead provide a level playing field that can support the thousands of vendors that drive innovation and keep the marketplace efficient,” says Koran.  “I am hopeful that the communication framework we have designed to support GDPR compliance will not tip the balance of control in favor of any market participant, but focus instead on protecting the rights of consumers.”

Joshua also shared these thoughts, “Many mistakenly believe that technology can be designed to prevent bad actors from using it in nefarious ways. Unfortunately, nearly any technology can be used in bad ways. This is why all regulations and policies are important safeguards on defining what is acceptable and what is inappropriate. All policies must be judged by the outcomes they produce.  Given the greater potential risks for companies that collect and process personally identifiable information, the GDPR appropriately recognizes they should be held to higher standards than those of us who operate with pseudonymous IDs.

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