Sizmek’s success depends on diversity—a mix of ideas, perspectives, and cultures that enables us to push beyond what is expected and create what is inspiring. Diversity also comes from personal experiences and dreams that motivate us to explore new pathways and tackle new challenges. Meet Paige, Rivka, and Audrey—three inspiring  women who help Sizmek succeed every day.

Paige Gasparino
Manager, Strategic Solutions, San Francisco, USA

Paige Gasparino was originally drawn to Sizmek by the intelligent, driven, and charismatic people there—and by their genuine support of one another. “Sizmek promotes an open forum of question asking,” she says. “Curiosity is the driving force to execute ideas, and the fact that each individual at Sizmek makes him or herself accessible speaks volumes to the company’s success.”

Outside of Sizmek, Paige coaches youth lacrosse in the Bay Area and is a yoga instructor, both of which have honed her skills in teamwork and listening. In fact, Paige’s ability to listen and be fully present for the people around her is something she’s known for. When she’s engaged in conversation or enjoying lunch with a friend, her phone is off and her attention is undivided. This is probably something she learned from her grandmother and role model, Mimi. “She is turning 89 this year, and she finds it comical that us kids are constantly on our phones and living by various fads. Mimi simply does not sweat the small stuff, and that is something I intend to live up to each day,” says Paige.

As for advice to her fellow women in ad tech, Paige’s counsel is remarkably simple. She suggests that next time you feel the urge to offer up a “sorry” (i.e., “Sorry to bother you while you’re busy”), swap in a “thank you,” (i.e., “Thank you for taking the time to see me”.) It’s a subtle shift of language that maintains both courtesy and empowerment. Bravo!

Rivka Tobaly
Bookkeeper, Herzliya, Israel

As a bookkeeper in the controller’s office, Rivka Tobaly manages a whole host of financial details, from petty cash to employee reimbursements to expense analyses and more. In her seven years at Sizmek, she has come to appreciate an environment that encourages people to express themselves and bring their own solutions and tools to their work. That sense of inclusion is something that is near and dear to Rivka, who is a passionate advocate for people with disabilities and particularly people with autism and their families. Rivka’s son Ido is an independent young man with autism, and helping him to gain communications skills and tools for independence has been Rivka’s life’s work and greatest accomplishment. As a speaker and advocate, she now shares her experiences and inspiration with others to both generate awareness about autism and to support families making journeys like hers.

“Once a child that seemed to live in an ‎isolated bubble, Ido now has an ordinary job, communicates with others, establishes and ‎maintains deep friendships, commutes independently with public transportation, ran half a marathon ‎multiple times, and most importantly, is a happy and confident person,” she reports proudly. ‎

Audrey Hell
Customer Success Manager, Melbourne, Australia 

Balance is a clear theme in Audrey Hell’s life. For example, she sees her work at Sizmek as a balance of partnerships and technology—building strong client relationships and ensuring the success of their media campaigns while at the same time providing platform support, best practices, and strategy. She also balances her passion for food and baking (as a French native, it’s in her blood) with dancing and running. And she thinks it’s important—particularly for women in ad tech—to balance giving your best at work with making time for yourself.

“In our industry, your brain is constantly functioning at a fast pace—it is such a dynamic environment, and you never stop learning,” she says. “I love my team, and we are producing such an amazing work all together. Teamwork is the key to good results and a happy work environment!”

Audrey’s ability to solve problems and take on new challenges does not go unnoticed by her colleagues, and even agency partners have reached out to her manager to say how happy they are with her service. Look for Audrey to run her first 10K in Canberra in April (and she will probably head out for a great meal afterward!)

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