Last January, Sizmek named 2018 the year of total transparency. As the year went on, agencies and publishers around the globe focused on opening up the black box. Increased controls on fraud, honest conversations about margin, shifts related to privacy, and improved GDPR standards were all taking center stage. By the end of 2018, transparency was a top priority for agencies and publishers everywhere.

As Q1 2019 winds down, the narrative has started to shift from transparency to data governance and privacy. While there is no doubt that data governance and privacy are integral to a healthy advertising ecosystem, the industry must not lose sight of the importance of transparency. Sizmek has long fought against the ability of walled gardens to monopolize and own advertiser data, actively working with the IAB to ensure the freedom of the open web. We believe transparency must remain top-of-mind to build an ecosystem that is as efficient as it is reliable. And we’re not the only ones who think so.

In February, at Sizmek’s 2019 sales conference, exchange partner EMX Digital presented capabilities around their new Transparent Marketplace offering. EMX Digital’s Transparent Marketplace delivers buyers full, upfront visibility into the cost of each transaction. By doing this, they give buyers confidence that 100% of their media dollars are allocated directly to publishers for targeted inventory. By removing these long-accepted fees and barriers, EMX Digital can offer a mutually beneficial solution for publishers and advertisers that increases win rates, fill rates, and general performance across the board.

By partnering with EMX Digital, Sizmek continues to highlight the importance of transparency, working together to forge a path for transparent business in advertising. From AI models to pricing practices, we are committed to ensuring transparent business practices remain a priority through 2019 and beyond.