Brand safety, AI, GDPR, DCO, data—what will the future bring? Sizmek leaders from around the world weigh in on predictions for 2019, and you might be surprised at what they see for the industry in the near future.

Sebastian Hupf, Country Manager, Germany

“In 2019, dynamic creative optimization (DCO) will drive the personalization of advertising messages to unprecedented levels.”

The dynamic, automated optimization of ads (dynamic creative optimization) will drive the personalization of advertising messages to previously unthinkable permutations. Factors such as localization, consumer preferences, or demographic information will allow marketers to further personalize their messages so that consumers  find it irresistible to interact with ads.

Magnus Johansson, Country Manager, Nordics

“In 2019, we will continue to see consolidation, driven by a competitive marketplace and the need for efficiency.”

I believe that 2019 will be a year of continued competition and consolidation in the industry.  Automation and efficiency will continue to play a significant role in media buying. AI’s role will continue to increase, both in our industry and in society as a whole. Last but not least, we will likely see that GDPR is tested by at least one major company.

Joshua Koran, Managing Director, DMP

“Advertising data warehousing will emerge as a new vendor category in 2019.”

With the increasing adoption of separate fraud measurement and viewability companies, marketers now need a new category of solution to combine all these data sets so they once again gain a consolidated view of ad server, fraud and viewability feeds, as well as their audience and cost data to improve their campaign reporting as well as their media planning.  Many agencies have begun investing in internal solutions, but given the huge investments required, my bet is that this new vendor category emerges in 2019.

Andrew Morsy, Managing Director, UK

“AI will all but eliminate most brand safety concerns in 2019.”

I expect AI to all but eliminate most brand safety concerns in 2019 and mark it as the “safest” year on record for brands. The year 2018 was tough when it came to brand safety; Cisco and Mars, for instance, removed their ads from YouTube due to safety concerns. However, with AI becoming increasingly sophisticated, it can help brands serve safer and more secure ads, and create a more transparent industry as a result.  

Nikos Acuña, Chief Visionary, Sizmek

“Expect to see a war for AI talent among agencies in 2019.”

Agencies will aim to deploy more sophisticated solutions to compete for higher margin services. This includes analytics, AI-powered insights, and big data tools to help brands drive better performance, achieve more insights, and deepen personalization across the customer journey. Agency roles will become more hybrid in nature, moving beyond media traders and planners, to data-driven strategists and attribution modelers. Consultancies will continue to gain share as they aim to hire some of the best talent that come from agencies, but will still maintain the role of systems integrator and martech stack architect. The agencies that are able to deploy the big data and analytics tool sets that combine intelligence from disparate sources to achieve deeper insights and inform the entire journey will be most competitive, which will require more major disruption and a need to acquire the right talent to add value.

Peter Hunter, General Manager, APAC

“In 2019, our industry will put creativity back at the core where it belongs, and data-driven insights will crystallize the importance of creative that strategically leverages media.”

In 2019, data will crystallize the importance of creativity that strategically leverages media.  Data will give marketers more insight than ever into the ways media, data, and creative should work together, and reaffirm creative’s place at the core.  This year, I’m also excited about the potential for creativity, augmented by AI, to deliver even more relevant ad experiences through predictive personalization.

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